City of Ocean Springs


    Request to Inspect, Copy or Reproduce Public Records

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    Manner of Compliance **
    Personally Inspect
    Personally Copy
    Cause to be Copied

    Manner of Delivery Desired
    By mail to the address above
    In person at your offices

    "Right Click" here and "Open Link in New Tab" for free public access to Mississippi Code of 1972 Unannotated, Title 25, Chapter 61 (Public Access to Public Records)

    I have read and understand the published statements entitled "Policy and Procedure - Mississippi Public Records Act of 1983" and I further understand that the actual cost of compliance with my request, if granted, shall be borne by me, including mailing costs if applicable. I also understand that:

    * Any request shall be clear and concise and shall be directed toward only one subject matter.

    ** Actual costs of compliance with my request, if granted, shall be paid by me in advance of the receipt of any information.