City of Ocean Springs

    Plumbing or Gas Permit Application

    Residential | Commercial

    Please choose any and all that apply

    No. of Plumbing Fixtures:

    Water Closet | Bath tub | Lavatory | Shower | Sauna Bath | Sink | Washing Machine | Dishwasher | Drinking Fountain | Laundry Tray | Urninal | House Trap | Water Heater | Refrigerator | AC Drain Line

    Service Lines:

    Water Line Sewer Line Sewer Line Inspection Vac Breaker/ Back Flow Gas Line Gas Line Inspection

    No. of Gas Fixtures:

    Dryer | Space Heater | Oven | Range | Floor Furnace | Central Heating | Water Heater | LPG to Natural Gas Conversion


    Grease Trap | Grease Trap Size | Fire Sprinkler System | Sprinkler Heads


    I, the undersigned, make application for permit to install electrical service and equipment in the premises described and in accordance with the data given above: