City of Ocean Springs

    Lot Split/Lot Reconfiguration Application

    Request Type:

    Lot Split | Lot Reconfiguration

    Effective June 11, 2006, the following application fees apply:
    Lot Reconfiguration/ Lot Split $200


    Property Information

    Request Description:

    1. Existing and Proposed Lot Sizes:
    2. Reason for Lot Split

    (Max 255 Characters)

    3. Describe Reconfiguration (if applicable):

    (Max 255 Characters)

    4. Has Zoning and Adjustments Board granted any variance exceptions or special permits for this property? If yes, please explain and state the date of approval:
    Yes | No

    (Max 255 Characters)

    5. Has any lot included in this request been previously split or reconfigured? If yes, please describe modification and date approved:
    Yes | No

    (Max 255 Characters)

    6. Are there any easements or existing structures that would interfere with this lot reconfiguration? If yes, please describe:
    Yes | No

    (Max 255 Characters)

    7. Are the proposed lots adjacent to public water and sewer lines?
    Yes | No


    Application complete and submitted.
    Vicinity map submitted, identifying lot(s) relationship to nearby parcels, roadways orother landmarks.
    Survey submitted, including all required information (see survey requirements, p 3).
    Evidence of ownership submitted (tax statement, deed, etc.).
    If corporate ownership, attach a list of all directors, officers, stockholders of each corporation owning more than 5% of any class of stock.
    Affidavit of Ownership and notarized signature submitted (see attached.)
    Adequate legal and physical access to all proposed lots is provided (no “land locked” parcels).
    All proposed lots in conformance with lot setback requirements of zoning ordinance.
    All proposed lots in conformance with lot width requirements of zoning ordinance.
    All proposed lots in conformance with lot area requirements of zoning ordinance.
    Neither nonconforming lots nor non-buildable lots are formed as result of proposed split/reconfiguration.
    Proposed lot split/reconfiguration does not impair existing access, easements or public improvements.
    There are no outstanding City of Ocean Springs property taxes or special assessments on the original parcel(s). (also stated in Affidavit)
    The lot split/reconfiguration will not result in significant increases in service requirements (utilities, traffic control, streets, etc.), nor will it interfere with maintainingexisting service level (i.e. no additional curb cuts, repaving, etc.).
    No lot included in this request has been previously split or reconfigured.
    Lot reconfiguration will provide for development conformable with existing development and City’s Comprehensive Plan.

    Survey Requirements for Lot Split/Lot Reconfiguration

    Information for Applicant, Items MUST be included in submittal:
    • Date, north arrow and scale
    • Parcel ID number(s)
    • Existing and proposed lot lines, lot widths, lot areas, and any other lot dimensions
    • Existing driveway(s), roads and road easements/rights-of-way
    • Existing utilities, including any septic tanks or other private utilities
    • All existing structures
    • Setbacks from existing structures to existing and proposed property lines
    • Location of any existing structures on the lots, with nature, location and dimensions
    • Any existing and proposed utility or road easements

    Next Steps

    Once the application is received (with all attachments) and fee is paid, the City will review the package and schedule the request on the next month’s Planning Commission agenda. The Planning Commission will make a recommendation to the Board of Alderman, which will approve or reject the request. Applicants are encouraged to attend both the Planning Commission and Board of Aldermen meetings to respond to questions. The Planning Commission meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm and the Board of Aldermen meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm. Applicants will be notified when their request will be considered. All meetings occur in the City Hall Board room at 1018 Porter Avenue.

    When the approved lot split or lot reconfiguration results in a new deed, the property owner or agent shall record lot split/reconfiguration survey and deed in the Land Records Office (Chancery Clerk) of Jackson County, MS.

    Affidavit of Ownership

    Attached hereto is an affidavit of ownership indicating the dates the respective holdings of land were acquired, together with the book and page of each conveyance into the present owner as recorded in the County Records of Deeds (Chancery Clerk) office. This affidavit shall indicate the legal ownership of the property, the contract owner of the property, and the date the contract of sale was executed.

    I, (type name)

    hereby certify that:

    1. I am the owner of the property that is the subject of this application and that I have read and understand the requirements as outlined in the application
    2. There are no outstanding City of Ocean Springs property taxes or special assessments on the original parcel(s).

    I further acknowledge that the information provided herein is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.