City of Ocean Springs


    Indicate Request: Commercial | Multi- Family Residential

    Please reference Ordinance 19-2006 for detailed requirements and design review checklists. The City Planning Department can provide this document upon request.

    Design Review application and plans are for the Design Review process only. Building permit applications must be made separately.

    Effective July 18, 2006, the following application fees apply:
    • First review & one (1) follow up review - $0
    • Third review & all subsequent reviews - $250 each
    • Application Fee (if applicable):


    Property Information

    1. Total Acreage

    2. Is the property located within a special district? (historic district, waterview preservation district, etc.)
    Yes | No
    3. Are there any easements or other legal restrictions on the property? If so, please explain.
    Yes | No

    (Max 255 Characters)

    4. Are there any existing structures on the property? If so, will they be kept or demolished?
    Yes | No

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    Proposed Project Information

    1. Is this a renovation OR new construction?
    New | Renovation
    2. Total acreage of land disturbing activity:
    3. Is project construction to be phased over an extended period? If so, please provide details here and in plan set.
    Yes | No
    If yes, please explain and state the date(s) it was approved:

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    4. Are any variances being requested for the project as part of this application? If so, please explain.
    Yes | No
    If yes, please explain and state the date(s) it was approved:

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    5. Have there been any variances, exceptions, appeals or special uses previously granted for any properties in this request?
    Yes | No
    If yes, please explain and state the date(s) it was approved:

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    Property Ownership

    1. Are any adjacent parcels under the same ownership as the subject parcel? If so, list PID number(s):
    Yes | No

    Submittal Requirements

    (Design Review - Commercial or Multi-Family) The following MUST be included for a complete application package:
    • Application
    • Application Fee (only for 3rd and subsequent reviews)
    • Plan Set (one full-size, one 11x17, one electronic PDF)
    • Engineering Calculations, see below
    • Parking Analysis (# existing and # required with new development)
    • List of any Energy Star qualified products
    • If land disturbance activity is 1 - 5 acres, submit Notice of Intent (NOI), Small Construction Permit and Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) to City.
    • If land disturbance activity is > 5 acres, submit Notice of Intent (NOI), Large Construction Permit and Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) to City and MDEQ.
    • Evidence of ownership (most recent tax statement, deed, affidavit of ownership etc.)
    • Signed Stormwater Erosion Control Agreement (see attached)
    • Wetland permit, if applicable
    • Elevations indicating materials and colors

    Design Review Plan Requirements

    The following informational list includes all elements of the plan that will be reviewed for compliance and considered for optional design points:
    • Plan Set (one full-size, one 11x17, one electronic PDF), including but not limited to:
      • Vicinity Map
      • Site Plan
      • Exterior Lighting Plan
      • Landscaping Plan
      • Erosion Control Plan
      • Architectural Plans including: building form/materials, with details on colors, doors/windows, shutters, roof style/material/color, glazing
      • Elevation views of buildings, with color designations and color samples
      • Drainage, including retention ponds, if necessary
      • Grading, including use of removed topsoil
      • Date, north arrow, scale and name of project
      • Parcel ID number(s), lot and block numbers
      • Name and address of owner(s)
      • Names and addresses of all abutting property owners, as shown on tax records
      • Lot lines, lot dimensions, total lot areas and setbacks of subject property
      • Relationship of project to surrounding road system
      • Location and dimensions of watercourses, wetlands, drains, utilities, railroads, water and sewer lines, bridges, culverts (location/size) and other important features.
      • Zones of all parcels
      • Existing and proposed driveway(s), roads, road easements/rights-of-way, and utility easements with dimensions, curb cuts, curb radii
      • Parking: location, size, surface material, and analysis of required amount based on City zoning ordinance (Article VI, Section 604)
      • Street names
      • Proposed utilities (sewer, gas, water, telephone, cable television, electric): location and size; location of manholes, valves, hydrants, transformers, junction boxes; location of street lights and connections to existing system
      • Proposed garbage collection area with design details (screening, pad, approach, etc.)
      • Signage: size, location, materials and orientation of all exterior signs
      • Lighting: location, height, and type of all exterior lighting
      • Screening: location, area, type and dimensions of screening for all exterior trash/recyclables collection and mechanical/communication units
      • Location of any existing structures on the lots, with nature, location and dimensions
      • Location and type of any protected and unprotected trees (with caliper, if 5.75” or greater) and proposed landscaping
      • Location/size of proposed permanent common fixtures (signs, monuments, plantings, walls, fences, etc.)
      • Location of all proposed and existing sidewalks/crosswalks with dimensions and materials
      • Areas that may be reserved for parks, conservation or open space, with dimensions
      • Future phases with general layout, if applicable
      • FEMA flood zone designations, base flood elevations and any areas within proposed subdivision subject to inundation by stormwater; plans to show proposal to eliminate ponding
      • Site preparation: grading, erosion control, vegetated buffer areas
      • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)
      • Name, signature and seal of licensed design professional who prepared drawings
    • Engineering Calculations
      • Stormwater calculations (drainage and retention), if applicable
      • Retaining wall calculations, if applicable
      • Amount of impervious surface on property


    1. Neither a building permit nor a use and occupancy permit can be issued for the construction until the development plan has met the mandatory and points-based requirements of the Design Review Ordinance (#19-2006).

    Next Steps

    Once the application is received (with all attachments), the Planning Department will distribute the plans for review to Public Works, Engineering, Planning and Building Departments. An initial review will occur, with comments submitted back to the applicant. A follow-up review will be conducted when the initial comments are incorporated and plans are resubmitted. If a third review is required, the applicant is required to pay a $250 fee to the City.

    After design review approval, but before construction, the following must occur:
    • Building permit application to be submitted and reviewed/approved by City.
    • Approval from Jackson County Utility Authority must be received.
    After building permit approval and completion of construction, the following must occur:
    • Developer to submit as built plans to City.

    Affidavit of Ownership

    Attached hereto is an affidavit of ownership indicating the dates the respective holdings of land were acquired, together with the book and page of each conveyance into the present owner as recorded in the County Records of Deeds (Chancery Clerk) office. This affidavit shall indicate the legal ownership of the property, the contract owner of the property, and the date the contract of sale was executed.

    I, (type name)

    hereby certify that:

    1. I am the owner of the property that is the subject of this application and that I have read and understand the requirements as outlined in the application
    2. There are no outstanding City of Ocean Springs property taxes or special assessments on the original parcel(s).

    I further acknowledge that the information provided herein is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

    Stormwater Erosion Control Agreement

    This regulation is to prevent introduction of pollutants that may potentially enter the City Drainage System (CDS) or waterways. The following practices are the minimum requirements for construction sites that involve disturbance of the natural earth. No owner or their agent of any parcel of land or property, whether with or without a structure thereupon, shall permit the erosion or escape of soil, sand, gravel or similar material from said parcel onto any adjoining property, public street or into any drainage channel that receives rainwater runoff from said parcel in such quantities as to harm said adjoining property, public street, drainage channel, or stormwater drainage system. In the development or use of any site, the owner or their agents shall not construct or conduct any activity so as to cause the discharge of rainwater runoff in such a manner as to cause erosion or to increase blockage of any channel or storm drainage system. This includes both pre-construction and post-construction.

      Minimum requirements for construction sites with land disturbance:
    1. Storm control measures shall be installed at the onset of construction.
    2. These measures shall capture sediment prior to it leaving the property.
    3. Silt fencing is a last line control measure and should be maintained continuously.
    4. Temporary and/or permanent revegetation of bare ground must be utilized in order to stabilize disturbed soil at the earliest practicable date.
    5. Steep slopes require Hydro seeding/sod and/or the installation of erosion control mat.
    6. Construction of on-site stormwater retention should function as temporary sedimentation retention until permanent revegetation of the subject tract is accomplished.
    7. Other measures may be necessary to control erosion and sedimentation on a site-by-site basis.

    During the construction, if at any time, these measures are not in compliance, the building department will issue a stop work order until the site is in compliance.

    Requirements from the Ocean Springs Stormwater Ordinance:
    0 - 0.9 acre of land disturbed: No permit or SWPPP currently required unless the disturbance is part of a Larger Common Plan of Development or Sale. A SWPPP may be requested or required if there are complaints or nuisance conditions.

    1 - 5 acres of land disturbed: Permit required from City of Ocean Springs Code Enforcement Office. A Small Construction Notice of Intent (NOI) and SWPPP must be submitted to the Planning Department.

    Above 5 acres: Permit required from the City and MDEQ. A SWPPP must be submitted to the City and a Large Construction NOI and SWPPP should also be submitted to MDEQ.

    I certify under penalty of law that I understand the terms and conditions of the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality’s Large Construction and Small Construction General Permits. I also certify that I have received stormwater related education materials for construction activities from the City of Ocean Springs (materials included Small Construction General Permit; Large Construction General Permit; the Planning and Design Manual for the Control of Erosion, Sediment, and Stormwater; Ocean Springs’ ordinance for Stormwater Runoff; Illicit Discharges and Illegal Connections). I will implement, install and properly maintain erosion and sediment controls at any site with land disturbance greater than 1 acre. I understand that failure to reasonably control sediment from land disturbing activities is considered a violation of City Ordinance, MDEQ’s general permits, and the Clean Water Act and can result in suspension of work and monetary fines.