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    NEWS - Waste Pro Recycling Program

    Waste Pro
    Recycling Program
    The Recycling program is very important to Waste Pro, and we know it is also important to you. We encourage all residents to take part in the recycling program in an effort to make the earth a cleaner place. In recent years there has been significant changes in the recycling market in the US, and more specifically, in the Mississippi Gulf Coast Region. The weight of glass and the cost of shipping it great distances makes it cost prohibitive. For that reason, we are NO LONGER able to accept glass products for recycling purposes. Please feel free to place any of the materials listed below into recycling containers.
    -Paper: Newspaper, magazines, catalogs, cardboard, phone books, paperback, mixed paper, paperboard, cartons, and paper bags
    -Plastics 1-7: Drink Bottles, milk jugs, detergent bottles, butter tubs, dip containers, and sour cream cartons
    -Metal: Aluminum cans, foil, pie plates, and steel cans