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    City of Ocean Springs

    NEWS - 2017 Click It or Ticket Campaign

    City of Ocean Springs
    Ocean Springs Police Department

    May 3, 2017


    2017Click It or Ticket Campaign

    (Ocean Springs, Mississippi) - Every day, Ocean Springs Police Department’s traffic and patrol officers work to make our streets and neighborhoods safer. We do this through education, awareness, and enforcement, including the national Click It or Ticket campaign to reinforce the importance of wearing your seatbelt and using child safety seats. This year, the Click It or Ticket campaign runs from May 22 to June 4.

    We ask for your support and cooperation to buckle up – every trip, every time, every driver, every passenger – and to help us promote awareness of this issue. Nationwide, 88% of drivers use their seat belt. That’s good news. Unfortunately, not everyone understands why seat belt use is required by law. That’s why education and awareness are so important. Here are just a few reasons from NHTSA1 why seat belt use is important – every time:
    - Nearly half of the 22,441 passenger vehicle occupants who were killed on U.S. roadways in 2015 were not wearing their seat belts at the time of the fatal crashes.
    - Of passenger vehicle occupants age 13-15 and 18-34 years old who were killed in crashes, 57 percent and 58 percent, respectively, were not buckled up.
    - It’s just as important to buckle up in the back seat. Forty-seven percent of all front-seat passenger vehicle occupants killed in crashes in 2015 were unrestrained, but 57 percent of those killed in back seats were unrestrained.

    Seat belts are one focus of our attention, but child safety seat use is vital to safety as well. Buckling children in age- and size-appropriate car seats, booster seats, and seat belts reduces the risk of serious and fatal injuries:
    - Car seat use reduces the risk for death to infants (aged <1 year) by 71%; and to toddlers (aged 1-4 years) by 54% in passenger vehicles.2
    - Booster seat use reduces the risk for serious injury by 45% for children aged 4-8 years when compared with seat belt use alone.3

    Ocean Springs Police Department is thankful for your support and cooperation during this year’s Click It or Ticket campaign and throughout the year. Safe travels to all.


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