City of Ocean Springs

    Minutes - July 19, 2019 - 6:00 pm Special Call Meeting


    Be it remembered that the Mayor and Board of Aldermen of the City of Ocean Springs met in a Special Call meeting at City Hall in the City of Ocean Springs at 5:30 p.m. on July 19, 2019.  The Mayor presiding, Aldermen Authement, Bellman, Papania, Cox and Impey were present. Let the minutes reflect that Aldermen Blackman and Gill are attending this meeting by telephone pursuant to Section 25-41-5 of the Mississippi Code. Let the minutes also show that there is a speakerphone in the meeting room and that all those present are able to hear Alderman Blackman and Alderman Gill. Also present were Deputy City Clerk Vicky Hupe and City Attorney Kevin Melchi.

    Let the minutes reflect that proper notice of the meeting was provided to all Aldermen via email and that the notice was posted at City Hall and online within one hour of the meeting being called.

    The Mayor called the meeting to order.

    The Special Call Meeting is for the purpose of any and all matters pertaining to discuss projects for submission for Restoration Act Funds.

    Discussion took place regarding the proposed Resolution to determine the projects for application to the Gulf Coast Restoration Fund, established through MS Senate Bill 2002.  The priority project consists of the construction of a parking structure at 1515 Government Street through a Public/Private Partnership.  A second project was added to allow for paving of a parking area and other improvements to the Highway 57 Sports Complex.  The Resolution was modified to include both projects and to commit to the 20% match as described in the funding requirements.

    Motion was made by Alderman Papania and seconded by Alderman Cox to adopt a resolution to apply for Gulf Coast Restoration Act Funds for the priority project of the construction of a parking structure at 1515 Government Street through a Public/Private Partnership and a secondary project at the Highway 57 Sports Complex for parking and other improvements.

    The motion carried with a roll call vote as follows: 
       Alderman Gill                     Aye
       Alderman Authement         Aye
       Alderman Bellman             Aye   
       Alderman Cox                    Aye
       Alderman Papania              Aye
        Alderman Blackman         Aye
       Alderman Impey                Aye

    Motion was made by Alderman Impey, seconded by Alderman Authement and unanimously carried to adjourn the Special Call meeting.

    The meeting ended at 7:00 p.m.

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    City Clerk                                                  Mayor

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