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    City of Ocean Springs

    Minutes - January 30, 2017 - 5:30 p.m. Special Call Meeting


    Be it remembered that the Mayor and Board of Aldermen of the City of Ocean Springs met in a Special Call meeting at City Hall in the City of Ocean Springs at 5:30 p.m. on January 30, 2017.  The Mayor presiding, Aldermen Cox, Gill, McDonnell, Cody, Denyer and Impey were present. Also present was Deputy City Clerk Janice Hilton and City Attorney Kevin Melchi.  Aldermen Dalgo was absent.

    The Mayor explained the resolution to lease the classrooms at Taconi for the 3-D School for Dyslexia.  The resolution is to talk about the scope of their work and how we can lease the rooms to them.  The City Attorney stated it is a finding the city has to make in order to rent it without going through the competitive bid process or appraisal and to make the finding that it is not currently needed by the city.

    Alderman Cox wanted to clarify that it is not binding to which rooms they will be leasing. He would like to consider freeing up five rooms on the south wing versus the gymnasium side.  The Parks Director stated the bathrooms would be closer in proximity if they were on the south side.  Aldermen Cox stated we may need to renovate and add an additional bathroom based on the number of students. 

    Motion made by Alderman McDonnell, seconded by Alderman Impey and unanimously carried to adopt the Resolution of the City of Ocean Springs, Mississippi, to Rent Classroom Space in the Taconi Building to Dynamic Dyslexia Design ("3-D”). (Exhibit A)

    Motion made by Alderman Denyer, seconded by Alderman Cody and unanimously carried to authorize to allocate $17,800.00 to the Mary C. O’Keefe to perform the attached schedule of repairs as per the insurance claim. (Exhibit B)

    Alderman Denyer mentioned the filming will take place the same time frame as the Mardi Gras night parade.  He is concerned about having any police officers available on the day if they are needed for the filming of the movie.    The Mayor stated she invited the producer to the next board meeting so the board can ask any questions they may have. 

    Motion made by Alderman Denyer, seconded by Alderman Impey and unanimously carried to authorize the Location Agreement granting MRS Movie, LLC the right to use the Premises, as described in the agreement, in connection with the television and/or motion-picture production. (Exhibit C)

    Motion made by Alderman Denyer, seconded by Alderman Impey and unanimously carried to adjourn the meeting.

    The meeting ended at 5:48 p.m.


    /s/ Shelly Ferguson                                                   /s/ Connie Moran               

    City Clerk                                                                 Connie Moran, Mayor

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