City of Ocean Springs

    Minutes - April 17, 2018 - 6:00 p.m. Recess Meeting

    RECESS MEETING OF APRIL 17, 2018         

    Be it remembered that the Mayor and Board of Aldermen of the City of Ocean Springs met in a Recess Meeting at City Hall in the City of Ocean Springs at 6:00 p.m. on April 17, 2018.  Mayor Dobson presiding, Aldermen Cox, Authement, Papania, Blackman, and Impey were present.  Also present was City Clerk Shelly Ferguson and City Attorney Kevin Melchi. Aldermen Gill and Bellman were absent.

    The Mayor called the meeting to order.

    Rev. Mike Barnett gave the invocation and the Mayor led the Pledge of Allegiance.


    Motion made by Alderman Blackman, seconded by Alderman Impey and unanimously carried to add the addendum to the agenda.


    The Mayor read and presented a proclamation to Erin Wicht, Wyatt Miller, and Caroline Wiygul, officers of the Mayor’s Youth Council, proclaiming April 22, 2018 as Earth Day in the City of Ocean Springs. (Exhibit 3-a)


    Motion was made by Alderman Impey, seconded by Alderman Cox and unanimously carried to enter into Public Hearing for 110 Yellowstone Circle owned by Richard Arellano. 

    The Building Official stated this property has been an issue for the City for 1 to 2 years.  The previous owner of this home is deceased and the property has been taken over by the father who lives in Texas.  The Building Official presented pictures of the current condition of the home. The Building Official said this yard is a planted yard and has become overgrown causing issues with rats and snakes. The Building Official is asking the Board to consider allowing him to get quotes to clean the yard up and make it presentable.  The Building Official said due to public safety and health he would like to clean the yard first and give the father a chance to bring the house back to a condition where he can occupy the home or sell the property.

    The Mayor asked if there are any proponents to speak on favor of the lot cleaning.

    There were no proponents.

    The Mayor asked if there are any opponents to speak against the property cleaning.

    There were no opponents.

    Motion was made by Alderman Impey, seconded by Alderman Authement and unanimously carried to come out of Public Hearing.

    Motion was made by Alderman Impey, seconded by Alderman Cox and unanimously carried to move forward with obtaining quotes and the lot cleaning at 110 Yellowstone Circle as recommended by the Building Official based on the facts presented and the property being a menace to public health and safety. (Exhibit 4-a)


    Colonel Farragut, ROTC Instructor at Ocean Springs High School, thanked the City, Mayor and Board of Aldermen for their support. Colonel Farragut gave a PowerPoint presentation on the success of the ROTC Program.

    Colonel Farragut presented the Mayor and Board of Aldermen with a Certificate of Appreciation for their continued support of the JROTC Program.

    Ms. Cindy Lamb with the Pickering Firm, Inc. explained the details of the customizable contract from the Pickering Firm, Inc. she presented to the Mayor, Alderman Papania, and the City Attorney.  Ms. Lamb said the Pickering Firm assists municipalities with evaluating their needs and how to fund them.  The needs of the municipality may be infrastructure, streets, or water/wastewater, whatever the needs are the Pickering Firm will help find the funding.  The contract presented is written as a do not exceed amount of $50,000.00. 

    Ms. Elizabeth Feder-Hosey, member of the PAPOS, HOSA, a board member of the Mary C. O’Keefe Cultural Center, and the vice president of the development for the Ron and Becky Feder Foundation for the Arts, presented information on a mural project for Fort Maurepas.  Ms. Elizabeth Feder-Hosey stated that Fort Maurepas is where this art piece should go because of its historical significance.  She is requesting the City to help pay for and build Fort Maurepas stage improvements.  This is to include the roof, lighting, wall for mechanism, and storm removal and storage of art work.  The estimated cost for the stage renovations that she obtained is approximately $22,000.00. She is asking the City to approve a partnership so she can begin to look for grants and other funding sources to help with the project.

    Alderman Papania asked about the insurance to cover the art.  Ms. Melanie Allen said that the art would have to be given to the City in order for the City to put it on their insurance policy.   

    Alderman Authement stated the Director of Parks and Recreations should be involved in the decision if making improvements to Fort Maurepas Park.

    The Director of Parks and Recreation said she would like to have a meeting to go over all of the details and bring something back to the Board after the Parks Department has a chance to review.  The Director of Parks and Recreation suggested Ms. Feder-Hosey come to the Parks Advisory Board Meeting on Wednesday, April 18th at 6:00 p.m.   


    The Mayor and Board of Aldermen tabled the Professional Services Agreement with Pickering Firm, Inc. for Water Resource, Transportation and Economic Development Infrastructure Program, and Public Sector Project Development Services until they have further discussions about it. (Exhibit 7-a)

    Motion was made by Alderman Cox, seconded by Alderman Papania and unanimously carried to adopt Resolution of the City of Ocean Springs, Mississippi to temporarily allow consumption of beer, wine and alcohol and sale of food and beer on public property for the 1699 Weekend of Discovery and the Landing of D’Iberville on April 28, 2018.  (Exhibit 7-b) 

    Alderman Authement asked the Board to consider making some changes to the water department service fees and inspection fees. Alderman Authement is requesting the Board to consider raising the water deposit from $100.00 to $180.00.  He also believes a service fee of $30.00 should be created for someone purchasing a home and is requesting a home inspection. This could be set for a specific time frame during regular business hours.  Alderman Authement asked the Board to think about it and he will bring it back up at another Board meeting. (Item 7-c) 


    Motion made by Alderman Impey, seconded by Alderman Blackman and unanimously carried to approve the Consent Agenda.


    City Clerk:

    Alderman Authement asked the Planning and Grants Administrator to talk to Allen Engineering about their Planning and Consulting line item on their invoice and request they specify what those expenses are for.

    Motion made by Alderman Impey, seconded by Alderman Cox and unanimously carried to approve the Docket of Claims and spread summary upon the Minutes. (Exhibit 9-a)


    Eleven people spoke against flying the state flag and/or their concerns about the flyers that were distributed throughout the City last week.

    Dr. Bill Moore, Ward 2, spoke about his support for the PAPOS Art Project.  Dr. Moore talked about the initial project at The Roost is a magnificent display of who we are as a city and what value we aspire to project.  He commented that Respect, Peace, and Love are attributes we need to demonstrate to our friends and neighbors in our own city.


    Alderman Authement said he would be sending out an email to remind the appropriate departments about making sure the beach and Fort Maurepas is cleaned up before the 1699 Weekend of Discovery event.  The City Clerk was asked about using a fire pit during the event for effect.  The City Clerk stated she and FEMA do not recommend this since they are still under review due to damage caused by Hurricane Nate.  The City Clerk stated after they remove the orange fencing for the event to take additional pictures to confirm the storm damage.  She did agree that they could place their own fire pit inside one of the pits for the event.

    Alderman Cox asked the Department Heads for an update on the list of repairs needed at the Mary C. O’Keefe Building regarding the issues with the roof, electrical, and light fixtures so he can update the Mary C. Board of the status at their board meeting on April 18, 2018. 

    Alderman Papania asked the Public Works Director for an update on the lights on Watersedge.  The Public Works Director said the City Electrician will get it done next week.

    Alderman Papania read a text from Milton Segarra, new Coast Economic Development Manager, stating the City of Ocean Springs has been nominated in the USA Today’s Annual American Best Small Town Competition.  Alderman Papania says that speaks highly of our City.

    Alderman Blackman asked the Mayor to contact Kelly Castleberry at MDOT by the end of the week about getting the light at Highway 90 and Hanshaw Road repaired.  Alderman Blackman stated he suggested making this light a turn on arrow only light. 

    Alderman Impey had a request from the Police Chief to suspend the City vehicle policy that states no one other than a City employees shall drive or ride in the City vehicle.  Alderman Impey said Lt. Ryan Lemaire will be graduating from the FBI National Academy in Quantico, VA on June 8, 2018.  The Police Chief is requesting the Board to suspend this policy to allow Lt. Lemaire’s son, who will be there to watch his father graduate, ride home in the vehicle with his father.

    Motion made by Alderman Impey, seconded by Alderman Blackman and unanimously carried to suspend this policy for this action only to allow Lt. Lemaire’s son to ride home from Quantico, VA with his father in an unmarked patrol car after Lt. Lemaire’s graduation from the FBI National Academy on June 8, 2018.

    The Mayor reminded everyone about the Unified Development Code meeting in the boardroom at City Hall on April 19, 2018 from 4:00 – 7:00 p.m.

    The Mayor reminded the Board about the meeting with Retail Coach next week.

    Motion was made by Alderman Impey, seconded by Alderman Cox and unanimously carried to adjourn the meeting.

    The meeting ended at 7:35 p.m.


    /s/ Shelly Ferguson                                        /s/ Shea Dobson

    City Clerk                                                     Mayor

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